crabby appleton

...once upon a time, long ago through th' smokey haze o' yesterday when combos weren't afraid o' puttin' different approaches to songs together to make up th' 40 odd minutes o' plastic they had managed to get,back then it didn't always have to sound all th'same, never darein' to vary th'mood was not though o' as an option, it came naturally to have different rhythms'n styles all sittin' alongside each other, there were no hard'n fast rules on how to slot into one narrow genre sound to keep a specific demographic...this here aggregation took full advntage o' that unwritten strategy 'n put quality pop with chipper hooks next to percussive hard rock jams next to singersongwriter (not th'whingemongerin' type) stylin's to make up this hot but fairly forgotten biscuit...its th'sound o' AM radio meetin' FM before both became redundant, late 60's turnin' into '70, very very nice...

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akashaman said...

the first track on here , "go back" is just stellar !
played loud it rivals anything that came out at the same time. i know it wasa minor hit , but it should have been huge ! to me , its the best track on the LP , but its all good & as i recall very varied... !

thanks ~