phantoms devine comedy

...there was plenty o' hoohaw'n general hypin'n chatter in certain circles when this wax made its brief appearance back in '74 cos th' vocalist sometimes sounds a lot like ol' jimbo from th'doors'n that was more than enough to get a lotta cats real fired up'n excited...some o' th'acid addled were more than convinced it was morrison'n he had come back from paris'n got a combo together who weren't a lounge jazz band like his former colleagues, but when a public appearance at th'whiskey in los angeles with iggy'n ray manzarek were on th' cards th'general consensus o'opinion was morrison was channelin' his vibe through this phantom cat...anyhow, as good as this rock'n roll myth is th'truth seems to be that th'phantom combo were outta detroit'n managed to get th'tapes they'd recorded picked up by a major label (capitol) who hoped all th'hype would get th'quaalude stoner teens to part with some bread...naturally th' whole episode came to nought'n th' phantom had to disappear like morrison 3 years earlier...good late style acid rock guitar riffin'n chooglin'n some general fx make this a good listen'n it was certainly one o' th'better wax to be given a major release durin' those strange claustrophobic early/mid seven ohs...sits well with th' juicy groove LP that popped up a coupla years later with a few 60s underground cats layin' down some rockin' tuneage...all things consider'd, th'acid mystical wordage'n stolen riffs open a gateway to th' past when heard under th'right conditions...

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