wild angels

...slowly but ever so surely this combo o' greasy teddy boys had been rockin' th' pubs'n clubs o' london town'n all points surroundin' that needed a hep dose o' bangin' rock'n'roll five-oh style...they got th'gig o' bein' gene vincents backin' crew when he' toured merrie olde'n got their name around as th'premier greaser rockers...this waxin' was their first LP'n was recorded 01/70 at th'revolution club in londons hep westend with some o' rocks then aristos like ringo'n a glimmer twin in attendance...this is full o' poundin' rock'n'roll covers that don't let up from start to end'n its not too far removed to see this as part o' th'whole 'back to roots' culture that had been happenin' since bobs basement tapes had circulated round hep pads'n ended up in pub rockin' bein' th'new thing in urban centres...real tasty bit o' unpretentious good rockin' tonite...

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