scott walker

...from the late six ohs comes these chipper platters, four long players from scott and they're straight from the fridge, coolest of the cool and thats a fact that can't be denied...big beat ballads, poetic beautiful numbers of heartfelt sincerity...wonderous songs both original and handpicked covers have incredible arrangements that take them from any lounge vibe associations that trend-following squares may want to level at them, and put them into a league of their own (#1 in a field of one is oh so true in this case)...these disks fill the room and can transport the listener to a place that can't quite be named but it is real for the time they're spinning...a singular artist that does exactly as he wants which in later years often meant doing absolutely nothing (possibly some conceptual art statement that no one picked up on and scott decided not to tell)...true to himself and thats got to be the only way...

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