status quo

...looking back into the hazy-fazy past,back to the last summer of the sixties, through temporal adjusted psychedelic goggles a cat can espy this nifty package of orchestrated psych-pop-rock...a kind of forgotten participent in the quo cannon that at the time of release this bundle of fab4 type '67lsd damaged fairytone sound was somewhat out of date for trendworried heads and to a large degree, civilians who never really came to terms with the sound outside the pop chart entrants, but on this album there's some considerably robust playing that juices up the tuneage and make this a sufficiently worthwhile earfull and it nearly all stand up in this cynical over exposed age...a barrelful of excellent production has no doubt helped keep the sound fresh,and cats not familiar with this wax will be happily turned on...deserving of some spintime...

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