john fred and his playboy band

...this here 'bestof' compilation coaster is just full up with way cool tunes 'n not one is filler, not all killer-diller but certainly not filler, a very acceptable look at these one hit wonders...a more than first class job was done in weedin' out th' goin' nowhere tunes that inhabit their long players, 'n just left th' goodness to seep out...what we got is th'story o' a band who journey through th' six ohs 'n take th'trends'n influences 'n apply them to their basic sound which is club R'n' th' voyage begins with some honkin' 50's rhythmrockin/ 'n onto merseybeat to blue eyed soul/psych tinged rhythm'n'soul 'n then moody psych pop 'n o' course endin' with th' planet smasheroo 'judy', an incredible slice o' gimmic bubblepop r'n'b...nearly 80minutes o' sock-it-to-me rhythm-soul-psych-pop that just dont stop...its not only th'story o' one band, its th'decade in microcosm unfoldin' its trends/fads as interpreted by th'suburban localised scenester...its absolutely essential for a real cool time...

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