poppy family

...extremely interesting and to a large degree fabulously entertaining compilation of an interesting, (with no apology for using that word twice in the same sentence) combo from the late six ohs...pop with lyrics that don't usually get in the pop charts with tablas and sitars colouring the numbers to give it that 'locked in time and space'vibe...some lounge type grooves and some country all help this flow in a somewhat meandering fashion along its trejectorial path...a chipper listen from a combo mainly forgotten apart from their one big hit that every cat has heard at sometime during the voyage of life... the poppies were once described in a nineties poprock/culture zine called scram, as a 'cross between the partridge family and the manson family', not too far from the hollywood dream when all said and done...sceptics and non believers could do well to get in the groove with such an groovy artifact from yester-year...

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akashaman said...

you do great work !
these guys were the shit. terry & wife had a really nice layered back vibe with killer production & lyrics.
one of my fave 60`s outfits for sure ~