lou and nico

...any cats givin' some sorta thought to modern combos who regularly put out their own 'boots' will come to th'conclusion that more isn't whats wanted with these things but less'n plenty less'sterile 'perfect' sound'n generally friendly ambience give little but snores'n lethargy to heads within' earshot o' these blatant propaganda tools...this disk will come as a welcome antidote to this air conditioned government/business sponsored state o' dire affairs'n hepcats will wanna hold onto this as some kinda talisman/temporal travellin''echoed sound o' th'room bein' louder than nico'n lou who're also bein' drowned out by th'tape noise will bring on a warm glow 'o this semi-allowed glimpse o' these two gettin' on'n generally diggin' hangin' out...especially nice is lou groovin' to nico workin' out how she wanna arrange jackson browns 'these days''sound quality o' th'actual disk transfer is real good 'n loud allowin' th'whole thing to be a groovy look at th'world o' velvet acoustic chaos...

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