butterfield blues band

...it wouldn't be beyond all reason to state such a heavy declaration as to the premise that in the LBJ years of 65/66 these cats were probably the single most important combo in amerikkka...the reason being is a very simple justification: they helped bobby d. get his electric groove on and supplied decibel heavy blasts of noise to enable him to rock some mind expanding poetry onto the rubes of the long dead folk revival circuit...when they took the wig lifting modal blues and laid it on the newly emerging psychedelic ballroom crowd out on the west coast most cats in the rock'n roll world(either greasy squares or hippys) knew they either had to up their game and get with it, or just know their days was numbered and bow out...this second wax is full of mega loud blues(rocking) and their most remembered, due mainly to the new music changing 13 minute blowout of the title track which was a trip to other worlds for every cat that got their lobes within distance...

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