albert ayler

...alberts style of squealing skronk, the desperate urban howl of the midnight cats earned him a lot of bad press from the cubes back in the day...the usual patter about not being able to play, its not music and certainly not jazz were aimed and fired with punctual regularity...this wouldn't be as sad if the critics even liked jazz, most of' them only gave lip service to get some kudos through supposedly being down with the sound and sometime possible political associations(if they had lefty tendancies otherwise it was strictly apolitical( which is political in itself playing into unscrupulous hands as it does) that go with it from the beginnings until at least the 1960's ...lucky for the few free thinking hepcats on the block ESP Disk took these bad notices as recommendations and booked the trio into their laboratories 07/10/64 and the result was this waxing of fully charged free spirit scrunch for all who wished something adventurous and different...ESP also took the same attitude with their pressings which were certainly adventurous, a cat never knew if they'd get one that played the whole way without wax that shouldn't be passed up, to overlook this would be a mistake for all who dig the wild style...

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