lemon pipers

...legend has it with this combo that they'd get a rec.contract if'n they make bubblegum noise for release as singles(hopefully garnerin' hit-parade-movement) 'n on th' eventual longplayer they'd be allowed to make th'sort o' racket they wanted...good story 'n goes a long way to help backup th'reason their 12"wax were a bit on th'skitzo side with said bubblepop nestlin' along with bluesrock clatter/teashop style sike 'n their magnum opus, th'near ten minute brain storm trance that ends side two...usin' some well nice'n chipper stereo pannin' so beloved by studio cats back in th'day'n ridin' it on a 8mileshigh twang'n throb riffout complete with prepared piano/tape manipulation this is a useful wigliftin' conclusion to a period piece o' long forgotten grist...

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