dark throne

...where mayhems deathcrush had shown th' underground rock heads worldwide that th' frozen north could produce th' heppest (below)street level rockin' they'd heard in many moons, darkthrone produced th' LP that seal'd th' deal...disownin' their first longplayer this is ground zero 'throne, buzzin' ugly riffs pile up 'n crush th' listner into some form o' complient submission where th' free will is' whole affair kicks off with thunderdrums beckonin' th' faithfull to th' altar o' mindnumbin' metal as th' strings spray screachin' fuzz into th' putrid heard through headphones with th' volume on stun so th' nuances o' th' noise become clearer as th' web o' doom weaves its way 'round sinkin' into th' centre o' th' brain...

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