mickey and the hartbeats

...goin' under th'name mickey'n th'hartbeats, this is some well cooled out groovin' with a stripped down dead (jerry/phil/mickey)with some cats droppin' by to blow(jack casady/elvin bishop/spencer dryden/david getz)that took place on seven different dates durin' late 68 at th'matrix club in ol''first disk is a distillation o' th'october 30 gig where jack'n elvin help out'n th'second disk is december 16 where spencer'n david lay down some earth rhythms...trippin' on th'boogie is th'name o'th'game on these evenin's cos there aint no expectant customers waitin' to be taken on a ride with this new fangled acid rock that was shapin' up as th'next big thing...theres just a few beatnix in attendance who probably ain't left th'club for a couple years, they're just on a continual blissed out stone, diggin' th'loose vibe they helped create...some incredible, almost power trio(w/side cats) style jammin' but this aint no marshall amp power jam, its much more organic evolvin'/involvin' interweavin' power jam, each cat receivin' th'power from th'others like jazzbos did when they were full on IT...recommended for all layabouts to fire up that doobee'n get on for some inner spaceways noddin' out with this hep trip to groovesville...

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