david axelrod

...proper nice example o' hollywood jazzbos gettin' groovy with this well spiffin'n funky m.o.r take on some light classical ideas based on th' poem by william blake...some cool faked-out acid rock guitar on most tracks gives evidence that th' late 60s new music revolution was fully entrenched in studio thinkin' 'n was bein' used to pull in sophisticated hi-fi buffs who wanted to appear hep without actually doin' th'legwork...too highbrow (read square) for th' zap comix hippy trash who gave this a swerve back in th' day 'n too hippy for th' suburban workaday patriot so its fate was fallin' through th'cracks into th'bargain bins until th' hiphop producers picked up on th'open spaced sounds ideal for loopin'...needs to be played in dimly lit room with a fresh bong handy 'n th'volume on high...

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