gram parsons

...gram wanted more than anythin' else to be a rollin' stone, to play th'country blues from dartford, to be accepted by th'glimmer twins'n get grooved up'n funky...this was a kind o' good move on his behalf because it introduced him to th'english heritage o' country music(keef'n gram checked out stone(d)henge'n all its ancient vibes)which added to his fair understandin' o' yanquee style musics, R&B/old time jazzbo/country/rocknroll,'n he got slightly more aware in his political outlooks(hence droppin' out o' th'byrds south africa jaunt in 68'n gettin' fired as a result)...unfortunately for gram it takes a lotta stamina, both mental'n physical, to hang with th'satanic bros.'n he couldn't keep up so he had to retreat back to his known place with th'burritos but they proved too square so it was time to look elsewhere...this is when he hooked up with reprise records(home o' th'fugs for a while, plus other weirdos)'n emmylou harris'n came to make a couple o' wax in th'barroom country idiom, loaded with southern soul/slouchy R&B/dope, all rolled out on a mellow vibe, tight but loose as jimmy page once remarked...this triple disk offerin' is a roundup o' th'grist that was laid down up till his untimely demise'n mythology,'n mighty fine it is too, some if'n not all is undoubtably on euroboots, but th'sound here is most probably better than th'elicit wax'n havin' this all in one place is a real groove, fits right in with turn o' th'seventies stones(grandad vests/crushed velvet loonpants/champagne'n herion)all makin' for a well blissed afternoon o' bong'n beer...

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