ace of cups

...ace of cups, now theres a name that most west coast heads have heard o' at th' time 'n on through since but until recent times no cats outside few frisco hillbillys had actually heard th'combo themselves'n thats a solid drag cos they were A OK in th' acid head jam dept... their sound consists o' a mix o' r'n'b punk/jazz/accapella/ 'n good ol' stretch-out jammin'... acording to hazy memories th' first real gig they had was supportin' jimi in th' golden gate park a little after he'd torn up th'rule book at monterey, so they got off to a good start' n hendrix remembered them 'n mentioned them in an interview a few months later... takin' a peep at posters 'n flyers o' th'time show that th'cups were regular on hippy bills 'n th' only fact that held them back in th'recordin' stakes was obviously they were female playin' what was assumed a male game... o' interest is two movies that th'gals got int'n they're th' hippy exploito 'revolution' 'n a surfer flik by th'name o' th''natural art' which has surfin' footage from all over 'n some hippy scenes from th' golden gate park so in a way this neatly sews a link between two boho cultures that were fed upon by business...

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