new tweedy brothers

...these cats had th'right idea when it came to layin' down th'tuneage'n thats to keep any pretentions o' production 'n any other such fangleedanglee ideas o' improvement well away from th'case in hand...switch th'tape on'n record th'racket, thats all thats needed...its only combos who ain't sure o' their worth that need's a right nice amalgam o' beatnik folk'n goodtime vibes fed through a kaleidoscope o' grooves takin' in such high priests o' swill as th'elevators'n th'velvets'n mixin' it with some hep gaggle from everpresent fullness/notes from th'underground /charlatans...failin' to schmooz any'n all record co. cuboids or parlez their wares into some streched out ballroom psych has ensured they've become enshrined in west coast mythology...came in a box cos good things come in small packages...

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