the city

...after many years bein' back room gal at th'brill buildin', though an extremely high profile backroomer its was time in 68/9 to get some kinda career goin' as a singer in th'new 'hip' world o' laurel canyon where th'laidback singer songwriter was th'thing to be...ironically when carole signed on at ode records, head honcho lou adler thought she should work, or at least be marketed as part o' a band'n so th'city came into bein'...its kinda funky pop with lyrics that ain't too cloyin'n theres some very nice playin' goin' on with th'production soundin' more seventies than might have been expected (hindsight awareness comin' into play)...cats who dont have any problems gettin' chilled with caroles high flyer 'tapestry' will dig this alot if'n not more, a groovy treat that shouldn't be missed...

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