...most cats who know what time it is, when they hear th'word glastonbury just pretend they didn't catch it 'cos these days th'old glasto scene is one big crowded overpriced holiday camp for th'credit card squares out lookin' for some 'spiritual' knees up'n nothin' more, a constituent shuck'n jive thats serves no purpose beyond th'cash grab...back in th'day this was not th' case, th'first couple gatherin's were a cool groove with just th'right amount o' stray hippys to make it all a peaceful sunny vibe with no bread head squabbles, just a few spliffs'n a tab o' orange to blast th' day in mellow tones...this triple wax offerin' was put out in '72 by radio geronimo(revelations records) to help recoup a bit o' scratch for later happ'nin's, with contributions from th'dead/brinsley schwartz/pete townshend/marc bloan/bowie/skin alley/hawkwind/ all offerin'sound NOT recorded at th'fest, but else where...mighty baby/gong/fairies/edgar broughton DO offer tracks recorded at th'fest though th'whole joint hangs with nice subtle glue to keep a cat buzzin' for a couple'original packagin' was a trip to behold with th'cover openin' out to be extra sized, big enough to hold a cats personal festy without leavin' th'room, a giant poster plus, all housed in a nice poly bag with underground comic style excellent journey to th'past, when th'world was young'n all was pointin' up for right thinkin' cats with their head in th'smoke o' ancient wisdom...

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