...when th'fabs 'hard days night' got shown in los angeles a complete change came over th'cats with their finger on th'pulse, a new way o' bein' alive was shown on th'screen, a new world opened up, th'mores o' amerikkkan society was shown to be outta date'n corrupt, th'young were more than cogs in th'machine, more than cannon fodder to keep tax dollars flowin' for'nascent byrds(jet set/beefeaters)knew it was time to mutate th'folk strummin'n get some anglo rockin' on th'go, to somehow do what they knew to be th'true way, to combine th'folk groove with an upbeat rockin' vibe'n do it full time, to get th'rockin' life out in th'open'n be proud to fly th'freak flag...there was more to life than bein' square folkies stuck in th'fifties/outta date bluegrass twangers in th'neon city, it was time to explode th'way th'fab4 seemed to errupt in th'moviehouse, to just take over with pure honest rockin'n not care what th'squares think'n say, not to let th'society drag them down with cookie cutter conformity disguised as freedom, it was time to be free('n all th'consequences o' bein' free in an unfree land)...this double disk o'fine goodness is th'first fruits o' this new feelin' o' well bein', this new way o' lookin' at th'world, a little reefer, some ideas filched from dylan combined with th'mersey beat'n optimism...somewhere between th'early beau brummels(beatle converts themselves)'n th'risin' sons is where this batch o' chimin'(sometimes clunky)grooves lay, th'yanquee tomorrow-pop 60s starts somewhere near to these tunes...

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