...godz by name but not necessarily by nature, with only paul thornton remainin' from th' original set up,'n he contibutes four tunes, but with three tunes th' main thrust is seemin'ly comin' from some cat named leslie fradkin whose song writin' prowess is deeply in th' early 70's earth shoe hippy groove...cats who dig heavily with plenty o' strange folk vibrations added to th' original godz might need some strong sonablist medecine to get goin' with this biscuit cos fradkins numbers though more mellow somehow attrct th' listners ear (this may be some kinda brain flipout, a slip in th'mindsoup due to th' fact its godz connectin') all honesty this wasn't connected with th' godz back in th'rightious latter days o' th'ESP vinyl blare blowout when there's absolutely no cat on th' radarscope, let alone in th'failin' headshops across planet hippy gonna think this was happenin'...originally put on th'market in about '74 its a mellowed out urban piece o' rural mellow fellow rock with some obscure references to mott th' hoople'n th'yardbirds here'n there to keep th'enquirin' ear on th' top front o' retro LSD channellin' cos theres some nice references to weird days gone by...track 5 got a pretty absolute happenin' hook slung on th'hearts and flowers aggro back in th'hazey weeks o' late day LA strip groovin'...a nice drug rock atmosphere permeates th' aura in places with plenty methadone induced poetic stand-still forward motion hare krishna sitar fuzz burn...lower east side star watchin' layabouts need go no further than track 7 to dig some sorta wish fulfillment with david peel rockin' th' joint with his usual singular rooftop shoutin' rabble raisin' holler...after a batch o' narcotic enhanced earfuls th' best way to handle this outpourin' is to gather in th' time barriers'n standard geography placements o' godzness'n take it out to th' west coast'n bury it in sono bonos fur vest'n watch for dispacement o' life many ways th' unsuspected finale o' NYC counter cultural groovin', lost in th'californian landscape o' inertia, a fullsteam voyage into media induced oblivion waitin' for lester bangs to resurrect th' past atrocities o' rock'n roll into zen godzhead buddha galaxy straddlin' beauty...dont expect th' primal tribal bleat o' NYC godzment but get ready for a 1974 GET BACK bob dylan chess playin' store front work out....

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