claudia lennear

...claudia, who'd earlier in th'60's had been an ikette, was in th'ascendence as far as gettin' her name across when she hooked up with th'LA (new)studio scene in around 1970,'n went on tour with th'joe cocker/mad dogs extravaganza,'n for a small while she was th'muse for both th'glimmer twins'n bowie...this her only solo wax was a disk o' two halves, th'first side under th'guidence o' ry cooder'n th'second, allen toussaint...th'first has some low slung stonesian funk grooves interweavin' with ry's sound while claudia wails in a cool secular gospel style, like what bonnie bramlett was puttin' down roundabout this time...third track in is a real nice paean to angela davis which is an excellent reminder o' those far off days when revolution was still in th'air, hope was beleived to be a tangible entity...th'second side was a suite with some seriously funky rockin' grooves'n a spiritual jazz vibe that just flows for a time-stoppin' 15 minutes, a song cycle with no beginnin' or end...claudia somehow got buried by th'dominant culture when she was in a clint eastwood movie'n appeared in playboy mag'n then sort o' disappeared off th'rocknroll radar which is a stone drag cos th'seventies could sure have used more o' th'smoked out funk she was gettin' involved with but as it stands any cats goin' to be seriously grooved with this...

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