jimi hendrix

...round about th'early days o' 1970, rollin'stone mag said that hendrix had not made any music durin' th'previous year, they were kind o' worried at this situation, had th'creative well jimi had been drinkin' from run dry after th'double 'ladyland' at th'back end o'68...apart from tourin' what else had th'guitar god been up to?they wondered in th'random notes, would he come up with some new magical goodies for th'faithful fan?'truth had actually been reported by th'stone itself back in september '69, hendrix had been layin' down some exploratory jams, cosmic music, takin' his cue from sun ra/miles/NYC free jazzers'n th'times in general...a music in which to lose th'ego, a music that would flow from one cat to another, no stars'n sidemen routine, just pure feelin', goin' wherever th'vibe takes 'em...what th'stone meant in their early '70 piece was, would hendrix put out some rock sounds for middle class collegiate consumption, would he continue as their hambonein' psychedelic shaman, upsettin' th'squares'n th'ol'folks back home...over 1000 hours o'tapes exist from jimi's last year, jams'n grooves, ideas'n poetry, all weavin' in'n out over th'days through various combinations o' cats all sittin' in(hopin' for some jim magic to rub off)'n its from these cosmic sessions that th'first hendrix bootleg came about, a rock'n roll boot, not a cash in exploito record company rip off with old vague hendrix(or not)involvement...tapes made just after woodstock festival at jimi's rented house in shokan with juma sultan'n mike ephron supplied 40minutes o'laid back/intense space noodle, 5000 years in th'makin', this is a carpet for th'new tribes to float on, th'tribes o' revolutionary freedom should wrap themselves in...this was hendrix for th'cats on th'block as well as draft dodgin' hippys, this is jimi th'starsailor, future pilot from th'year zero...pressed in jamaica in a run o' 4000 with three quarters to th'states, th'rest to england it soon sold out to th'heads'n then disappeared nearly forever...this wax bein' some 40 years old shows some signs o'age, wear'n tear scuffs'n clicks here'n there dont diminish th'buzz comin' off some funky choogle jams that gradually creep up'n snag a cat after a couple o' spins...theres plenty o' these jams on th'market now'days but this is th'first, another example o' bootleggers showin' th'way(dylans GWW bein' another)...dig jimi releasin' himself to th'spheres one day in september 69...

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