mickey newbury

...her's one nashville cat was always outside th'confines o' straight up cookie cutter country pop that was'n still is th'required standard down on music row...he had a whole seperate bag goin' on 'n that bag was to have no bag...reefer'd country soul or hep lounge crooner're all part o' mickeys way o' doin' things, 'n that ain't even mentionin' th' psychedelic ballardeer with some total wigged tuneage...production is full o' instruments that don't crop up on nashville wax any too often (harpsichord/sitar) 'n thats a fact, jack...all th' songs here have been cover'd many many times by a myriad 'o different artists workin' in many many styles 'n bein' hits on every conceivable chart, 'n th' thing is these'r good to great songs, not just fluff for suckerin' bread outta th' mugs...super cool wax thats a singular 'n hep groove, 'n cats who may not dig it country style may well dig this...

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