laura nyro

...forty years back in th'hazy-fazy-daze o' th'monterey pop festival one artist was seemin'ly unceremoniously dissed by th' 'open minded' attendees for reasons that're still largely uncertain'n yet lookin' at th'bill in th'21st century cats can see that really only one performers work still sounds like it was maybe recorded good as th'others appearin' were their work belongs to its time'n th'ones still makin' wax'n th' rounds o' nostalgia're pitifully lame'n only worth forgettin'...this bein' lauras third longplayer released at th'end o' th'hippy decade is full o' her street corner future blues with her'n th'piano'n some orchestration for effect when explosion o' early 60s galpop testifyin'n beatnik intensity from th'cathedral o' eternal NOWness...this is not for cats who have a tendency to get itchy when list'nin' to anythin' kinda 'difficult',this demands an attention span longer than time'n will reward with goodness unfoldin' o' those disks for when th'outside world is offerin' nothin' but relentless tedium from which there seems no escape but th'journey to th'innerself...

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