ruth copeland

...this lightly tasty confection made up from th' invictus joints ruth cut in th'early 70's sure got a lot o' grooves'n styles hittin' on all 4burners...this hep young miss from merrie olde england got herself hooked up with th'parliamentfunkadelic crew 'n knocked out two funk-folk-gospel-rock platters represented'simple fact o' seemin'ly coverin' too many styles undoubtedly stopped th'discs from findin' a willin' audience, fallin' between too many stools she slipped through th' cracks in public perception as th'great unwashed would not handle a multi various stew like this, a kaleidoscopic overflow o' assured penship'n for th' more tuned in cats,funk heads wouldn't go for the quieter moments, folk fans if there were any left wouldn't know this from a hole in th' ground'n as for th'dolt brained rockers,its gotta be said, one way or another like to put on blinkers when they gotta figure out what it is they might be listenin' to...some nice screachin' guitar from th'delic crew, courtesy o' eddie hazel on some tracks'n a couple o' glimmer twin tunes crop up to finish up th'disc...its a nice trip to long ago when artists were allowed to collide a few styles'n moods, though its pertinent to say that it may be needful to hear more than once before listenin,'n th'racket box turned up for maximum enjoyment...2nd joint is probably th'stronger as th'noise button has been flicked to th'right though both are agreeably fine'n make for some elated late night groovin'...

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