...nowadays th'remix culture has been used'n abused by th' bean counters to hopefully prize wedge out o' th' roobes who 'think' they're gettin' th' goods when th' original ain't no use to no-one 'n th' reconfigured is o' even less value...shaftin' 'n suckerin' th' mugs ain't no strange phenomenom to th' rock'n'roll business but this 1971 wax is a nice addition to harrys early efforts, remix or not... songs from both LPs're tampered with to give new sonics to some old faves, whether it be new vocals or just a general tomfoolery heightenin'n lessenin', slowin'/speedin' as seen appropriate that afternoon(couple o' curveballs to keep cats diggin')...could been seen as a stop-gap by cats with'n unkind/realistic nature or just a cool groove for when such things're needed...

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