the fool

...th'fool hooked up with th'fabs through patti boyd gettin' asked where she got her flower power dresses'n she told th'interviewer about these colourful europeans who hit old london towne in a psychedelic swirl o' explodin' colour...designin' clothes'n posters'n paintin' th'apple boutique lead their creativity into makin' an LP(like fellow designers hapshash)...produced by graham nash whose hollies were in th'throws o'diggin' th'new acid scene, its psychedelic folk full o' eastern tinklin'n tablas with sound fx groovin' around...a lot o' english rock snobs dissed this at th'time, though this was mainly jealousy that foreigners had got close to th'kings o' EMI, close enough in fact to score bread from them'n get a disk deal, its not th'psych masterpiece but it certainly gives a flavour o' late swingin' london'n when th'circumstances're right it still sends out th'good vibrations they obviously hoped it would...

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