fear itself

...mad mixture o' bad temper'd electric blues'n screachin' country blues laid over th' top to allow th'lazy vibes o' th'latter to mingle'n coagulate with th'former...some heavy doom vibes that could only be osmosis by diggin' th' grooves laid down 30/40years earlier by th' one'n only son house...inevitably some goodtime hokum appears as it did on many yanquee hippy wax back in them late 60s hazydaze but this sounds kind o' more 'authentic'(term used relatively)...track 4 is well interestin' as a kind o' hard rock velvets vibe appears courtesy o' th'cat gut scratchin' that carries on throughout...track 5 is th'obligatory looooong number that all LPs worthy o' underground recognition had to have, with ballroom sonic manglin' from th'guitar'n drum solo plus th'singer(ellen mcilwaine) gives off great ethereal moans'n voodoo shouts...some tribal chantin' conjures up th' ghosts from clarksville'n beyond to other continents'n on into th'mists o' mystic time...good rudimentary stereo pannin' always a plus with these ancient hippy biscuits...

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