a thinking plague

...sometimes th'planets align into a formation that just brings on th'vibe to get down'n dirty with some o' that progressive rock stuff, it cant be helped, sometimes th' punk splatter, blues bashin' just dont cut it'n th' prog is th'only answer...havin' said that its a known thing for all right thinkin' cats to be wary o' th' progressive ones who usually have a tendency to come on pompous'n borin' but treadin' carefully can get th' desired results...steppin' nicely into th'arena o' prog is this waxin' o' nice cool avant squelch recorded over a time frame o' 18 months in th'early 80's somewhere in th'depths o' mind rot down denver way...truely, some might wonder if th'plague had been listenin' to a tad too much francis vincent but theres enough o' their personality on this to keep it'last cut employs 2 poems by some unknown poet that were found in th'trash, which is a hep dada move...

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