lightnin hopkins

...back around th'late fifties sam charters(bloozologist/rec.producer for c.j&fish amongst others)called sam lightnin' hopkins th'last true original bluesman'n that was a fair assumption at th'time before th'great blues 're-discovery' o' long forgotten cats like mississippi john hurt/rev.gary davis/son'recordin's on this nice comp come from th'late 40s taped in houston/L.A'n show lightnin' groovin' with th'country blues/boogie shuffle with fun'n fine lyrics all washed down with a fifth o'whiskey'n a toke or two...real on th'spot first takes cos lightnin' didn't like to spend too long on any tune cos spontaneity would be lost'n blandness would be th'only result...spend an hour with one o' th'true greats, a corner stone o'th'60s folk/R&B/rockroll explosion that would happen in hep european centres...

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