pavlovs dog

...well its gotta be said that th' absolute first thing a cats gonna notice here is those vocals that're right in there in mid seven oh land (th'only decade where even squares would give a listen to this though they'd be gettin' a laugh outta them) glam/rockyhorror operatic proggy rock screachin' o' th' first order, so camp they gotta holiday in a tent...this woulda gonna down well in some back alley NYC avant drinkin establishment, where th' unusual is' music is a meldin o' lightclassical/FM progrock/hardrock with a harkin' back to earlier psych times with th' prominence o' th' violin sawin' away...when this wax hit th' racks more than a few heads thought th'new acid rock period was on th'rise'n with sandy pearlman at th'helm that mighta been more than right thinkin', what with th' blue oyster cult doin' their best to get some sorta 60s heavy metal/hard rock/scifi drugged noise goin' on...over 'n down th'second side theres a pbs/tom rapp vibe hangin' over th' preceedin's givin' it another connection with acid fusions 'n other temporal worlds...layabouts who're younger or heads who just aint heard it might need to let this live with them for a while to get th'vibrations workin' in alignment before givin' it a reefer'd listen but it stands up well as an example o' when times allowed for such excentricities (or pomposities dependin on point o' view)...

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