lift to experience

...cats with any aversions to those efforts in prolonged'n usually tenuous continuity also known as concept albums'n th' like're advised to get some o' th'medication o' their choice before spinnin' this platter cos here's a double pile-up o' th'concept to end th'whole enchilada...this is one big blowout regardin' th' end o' th'world as interperated through revelations 'n the total result seemin'ly is that jerusalem is th'center o' amerikkka...this may seem like some flipped out preacher damaged madness gone off th'rails but these cats set it to a backdrop o' power trio swill bulgin' with distorted fx pedal screach that bubbles'n blasts, pulses 'n drones for well over an hour...destined to be some sorta desired artifact some time in th' century...

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