...this somewhat heavy handed hard rock prog disk gets off to a pretty dreary start'n makes a cat wanna move on quicky but th'second track looks up a bit'n then they find their footin'...keyboard'n guitar fronted copy o' procol harum with some lookin' back in th' vocal dept. to th'psych days...a good example o' a combo not really knowin' what th'new prog sounds o' th'70's should be 'n not enough talent to write a tune'n stretch it'sort o' group that would be second/third on th' bill at small provincial gigs, th' kind o' band that plys their wares while th'audience does its own thing, like gettin' a drink, skinnin' up'n generally ignorin' th' th' pantheon o' hard rockin' prog they amount to really no more than 'also rans' but not very far...

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