black sabbath

...some pretty right-on lyrics concernin' some o' th' different aspects o' th' war machine from th' business scum/politcians that keep conflict goin' on, th'poor that go to th'battle 'n end up not copin' with society on return,fear o' atomic destruction that was still on a lot o' cats minds with vietnam/cold war madness....not makin' it in squareville without drugs 'n th' opposite, just havin' fun with drugs...hippie bongo mysticism 'n comic book weirdness add to vibe...all this laid on top o' some doomed heavy riffin'n a roar in th'production (probably accidently but it dont make no nevermind this late in th' day) that make this a different groove to th' sabs first disks messed up heavy blues rock...

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