alex taylor

...despite bein' part o' that wimpy limpy singersongwriter family that gave it th' big whinge back in th'early seven ohs this cat is th' odd one out'n by virtue o' that fact he's th' one to dig for any cats who need some kinda blues action'n not some pain'n heartache blabber from priviledged poo-heads...theres nothin' worse than havin' some rich no-account doodad moanin' some grief about who knows what('n who cares), givin' out endlessly about drug problems when all it takes is some cash from th'trust fund to go get some more, it aint so hard, certainly no one cares if th' gold diggin' girlfriend done gone'n left, probably couldn't stand th'whinin' on about th' imagined smack problem anyway...alex is th' one to check, he's a grimey roadhouse bluesbelter 'n this wax is a real hot2trot southern rock blowout o' th' first order...apart from th' first trk these are all covers o' then well known songs, but als performance 'n th' real solid backin' with excellent guitar 'n keyboards make them fresh 'n first-time alive...largely forgotten even by cats that dig th' dixie rockin' sounds this doesn't disappoint on any track...a bonefide tiptop effort...

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