...viewed at th'time in th' late 70's by th'closed mind LA scenesters as a joke, anti-scene 'n unnescessarily negative this combo got dissed more than their fair share which o' course bothered them not a jot cos they knew that was th' reaction th'suburban punk squares 'n self appointed flag wavers would bestow upon them...cats in a more free thinkin' frame o' mind heard a different aggro that had some o' th'most hypocrisy hatein' lyrics yet heard...lee ving 'n his collegues had no time for anyone that thought th'country they were livin' in was a satisfactory 'n desirable place...they discussed in no uncertain terms th'uncarin' society that existed all around from th'lowest level civilians to th'scum that clung to power with a powerful rock'n'roll buzzbomb attack...every tune hits its target right dead center 'n explodes leavin' preconcieved ideas in bits...still needed today 'n only more so everyday cos nothin' has changed, just got more distorted as th'truth is evermore buried beneath meanin'less o' th' most important social rockin' documents produced in th' western world...

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