jefferson airplane

...this frisco ballroom fillin' combo made five good'n worthy biscuits (studio) durin' th' time-frame o' them bein' a hot 'n relevant force in th'annals o' th'then new music, i.e th' birth 'n evolution o'' first two are th'birth( folkpop) 'n th'others are rock (evolution)'wax here is th'forth 'n th' rock sound is findin its'earlier traces o' pop/folk/avant-jammin(baxters, th' 3rd wax) is bein' molded into a more complete whole'n with th' aid o' some green 'n some headphones a cat can get hep to all th' ingredience bein' placed on th' musical canvas by what is basically a chemically reactive power trio overlaid with voices...guitar bass 'n drums weave around in 'n out creatin' a way cool sound that once a handle has been found to grab ahold o', keeps gettin' better...any cat who aint heard this in many years may well find this still an extremely good listen...cats who aint heard it but dig th'later post psych sound from 60's may need to give it a few minutes contemplation before they listen more intently, but it may well be worth th'time 'n effort...

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