feminine complex

...from th'cover to th'wax itself this says moody galpop'n indeed that is exactly what it is ...yessuh, th'production has murkyness about it that gives off kinda reefer'd outta-time spaciness, obviously unintentional given its geographical location, nashville(bobs '66 affiliation notwithstandin', not a place so known for grooved-out vibrations)'session players 'n arrangements does lend this an updated galpop vibe that woulda been real cool if'n a larger budget had been sprung but this came out on a tiny to nonexistant label in '68 when tastes'n audience was changin' fast in th'teen pop arena'n this kinda pop just ain't gonna cut it even in deep-down suggested its th'moodyness that makes this fine-as-wine confection just right for those moments when some clarity may be in order...if'n these gals had gotten over to olde london towne'n managed to stay unaffected by th'continuous swingin' groove/student demos 'n got to work with andyloog (with his harpsichord 'n castanets addin' to th' stew),this woulda turned into somethin' akin to a transcontinental artpop statement that would send vibrational messages to th'far reaches o' th' planet spreadin' th' business o'human happiness...tracks over on side two break into some r'n'b/soulhorn workouts 'n th' last track gonna flip some psych heads...real nice LP, a positive'n goodly addition to late six-oh pop'combo split before th' disk hit th'racks due to th'pressure 'o school so th'education establishment won that round in th'war against rocknroll that has continued right up to this here exact minute...

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