...boot o' th' first outpourin's from th' whitehouse name in nineteen80...cathartic screamin' against basement electronics over th' course o' halfhours raw primal screachin' pulsations...their whole proposition is a dilemma o' th' first order, are they beatniks reportin' th' facts from an outta control square world or maybe they're just askin' a question or two...but they may have th' answer to media saturation perpetrated by th' most uptight thinkin' cubes who seek to confound 'n capitalize while there's still time...cats with a head full o' smoke may wish to visualize this racket as some sort o' entertainment from a boho cafe in a bill burroughs tale...could be a steppin' off point into another world where 'everythin' is as it seems' 'n th' population consists o' right thinkin' cats down with th' hep vibe...

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