the fall

...hifalutin hi-fi-sters'n cats with a possible noise'phobic disposition might wanna, might actually need to reach for some strong medication before settin' this slab rollin', that aint no exaggeration when it comes to this disc...recorded on a whack cassette'n left to fester in mark e.'s cupboard for 2decades this has a total underground basement sound with squeals 'n dropout 'n stereo manglin 'n roarin', this's some incredible raw documentary o' this combos dronin' pummel racket...recorded at stretford civic centre 23/12/77 with a stonkin' set list includin' bingo master/psycho mafia/hey fascist/dresden dolls 'n a real messy 6 minute 'louie louie'...added bonus o' this chaos is th'fact that th'audience get involved enough to throw beer at th'band 'n mark takes it all in his stride...a great chance to get a lugful o' this excellent early avant punk slop...

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