international submarine band

...accordin' to legend this here combo recorded an Lp for a small label in around late '66 but th' tapes have been lost so who knows th' full'n true story on that this late in th'game...anyhow what is known pretty much is they'd been knockin' out a hybrid rockin' country roll since formin' so by th'time this wax was cut they'd got fairly proficient at gettin' a genuine sound...released in early 68 just as gram was gettin cozy with th' byrds so no promotion was offered th'disk 'n it flopped into bargin bins as a cutout 'n some heads got lucky...cats with a keen sense o' whats up should check th'motion flick 'russians are comin' 'n 'th' trip' in which respectively they do th' theme 'n appear (overdubbed song from electric flag) ...

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