van morrison

...whats happenin' on this disk is a gatherin' o' th'tapes that make up th'blowin your mind sessions'n wax that came out back in '67'n has been dissed'n downed ever since by know-nothin' rocksnobs'n self appointed critics...even johnny-come-lates who usually work in a rivisionist stance ain't got much to say in a positive vibe, no doubt takin th' easy way out from those that came before...thats a massive mistake, cos here is where it all reaches th'first point on a journey o' no return, this is where van th'man gets th'back alley R&B he learnt from disks'n from th' pubs'n clubs in th' early '60s 'n sprinkles some uptown beatnik bebop vibes'n mixes it with urban voodoo trance poetry...these tunes break loose'n become passage ways to another dimension, a dimension o' reefered'n whiskey abandonment, where all things swirl'n slip'n circle th'void to bring th'essence o' rock'n roll liberation...a liberation that layabouts on an afternoons green groove can dig, th'liberation that is known to cats who see th'light before it is stolen by th'guardians o' mind control'n sold in ready packages o' emptyness where th'sizzle is now dulled to th' point o' flatout tired...nearly 80 minutes o' smokedout mystic hepness for all who need to board th'gonesville express one more time...

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