tony williams lifetime

...this joint kicks off with an intense jam which quickly introduces th'listener to th'cats involved, guitar/keyboard/drums all blarin' away in a power trio rock jazz idiom, a kinda stripped down miles davis groove like on 'silent way' th'disk that directly led to 'bitches brew'/'on th'corner'years o' explosive shronkin'n screachin', a silent way miles put on stun...theres a nice basement murkiness all over, most likely due to th'poor studio equipment they were forced to use(originally earmarked for a session at columbia where miles was resident jazzbo genius, but not makin' any bread for them, al kooper from th'blues project/dylan sessions went to see th'williams lifetime'n was not impressed with th'heavy manglin' mind warp they were layin' down so th'columbia gig was cancelled pronto like'n they were out in th'cold lookin' for a deal, why kooper didn't dig them is open to speculation but it dont matter cos this joint ain't no blood sweat tears hokum jive)...another way o' gettin' a bead on this wax is like imaginin' th'hendrix band gypsies outfit kickin' th'gong around on th'SST label (greg ginn/black flag),they'd fit right in with tom trocolli/blind idiot god/joe baiza, all this psychedelic poundin' straight outta some haight ashbury ballroom, theres a grateful dead intense jam vibe happenin', again in power trio form...john mclaughlin twangs out some feedback trips, larry youngs organ is a complete buzz, a squealin' soul jazz blues in way heavy overdrive, dosed with a morphine wobbliness, tony williams all over th'kit hittin' it where it counts, paintin' th'canvas in multi textures for th'other cats to fill in'n work around...williams also has a go at singin' but it aint th'greatest though it does sound kinda like a post punk whine, these singin' tracks work well after a couple spins, gives it a slight rock feel, quite trance inducin' with a bong hit float...this may've been called jazz rock, but its more, its a meetin' o'jazz'n rock, th'two moldin' to produce a third, jazz, as ever mutatin' within itself, incorporatin'/discorporatin', movin through th'ether connectin' with th'right cats'n movin' on, this is a high point in both rock'n jazz ('n these cats careers, th'next decades refinin' this into bland digestible chunks for smooth radio programmin's experimental hour that happens sometime way past conscious time)'n any wasted layabout gonna dig this, its high powered extreme blurt that dont come around too often...

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