limbus 3/limbus4

...limbus3/limbus4 put out some nice kraut rock with a heavy ethno vibe especially on the second LP from 1970, th'first disc is more o'what came to be that k-rock sound, operatin' in the netherworld somewhere out there over th'horizon, a mash up o'stockhausen/faust(who were busy about this time with th'cut up groove)/amon duul11(tanz da lemmin')'first disk starts off with some hippie prank style sound fx then gets into some avant plink-plonk, sorta like if th'dead around th'heavy air experiment times o'aoxomoxoa had been a chamber quintet layin' down some acid visions through old world euro classical groove, plenty o'scrapin' th'strings'n general manglin'n stranglin', but polite, not too volatile, but definitely not sedatory,its got bucket loads o'freeform, but these cats do know where their goin', no AMM shenanigans goin' on here, they're movin' in th'same direction with some nice turns o' phrase, a jazz culture comin' into play...track two heads off into th'past o' 50s black'n white films where things happen but not much is said, its ambiguous, its life played out with no rhyme nor reason...flutes kick off track3 with some bass'n whistle(plenty more squeakin' aswell)'n lasts only a short while, a novelty episode o' good humour...last track takes th'train to th'abandoned carnival site on th'edge o' town that no one goes near, nor speaks o', its from another time where somethin' happen'd but what, is uncertain, cut-ups, repositionin' o'space, a wayward gamble into th'chaos beauty o' structure fallin' away to rebuild again in unfamiliar territory under th'watchin' eye o' th'guardians o'alpha-cozmik order...tribal trance groove with centuries o' existance givin' it authority often lackin' in hippy stuff when th'ethno vibe hits(usually good intentions but performance wise its not even a starter, goes off into some NEW AGE sleep), this is great avant scrape meets th' vast open desert o' yesteryear, th'dream-time o''second wax is much more goin' in th'deranged world music style, but this is way before that stale homogenised pap became a genuine commercial entity complete with happy smilin' faces on th'covers, lookin' like tourists in their own country, no matter where in th'world they're from, it could be anywhere, it dont matter to th'salesmen...still a goodly amount o'avant spillage to keep th'noodle from catchin' a nap, th'first track cops a very excellent godz drone, right nice, givin' off some extra texture o' ESP-Disk madness, free-jazz moanin', wailin' into th'cold night, callin' on th'spirits once again, this disk is a communion with forces beyond dimensional boundaries existin' from th'pre-time world, a beatnik bongo trip into th'heart o' th'studio(we're at no time unaware that this is studio'n not imaginary spaceship, these cats dont need no pretentions to star sailin', they doin' it naturally in freeform...any cats rememberin' 23Skidoo from back in th'early 80s will dig some o' this, its like th'Skidoo before they went a bit off th'rails, when they sat down at concerts covered in camoflauge nettin', flipped-out-fun, th'Skids no doubt had a second hand copy dug from th'junk bin o' some dusty old electrical emporium...all in all a very worthwhile trip on th'avant express to HEPSVILLE somewhere near th'outer limits o'gonnstadt, past th'last cafe on th'left...

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