...those dyed in th'wool rockin' heads, those back room layabouts who're only diggin' th'hoodlum end o' a good tune, those in this day'n age who still look to th'first DMZ LP through those squinty peepers'n listen only a half cocked ear will be glad for th'infomation this waxin' is probably more to their taste...buzzin' attack guitars, elevators/pretty things covers 'n iggy madman-possessed vocals plus rattlin' tambourine, thuddin' skins all skimmin' round in a 'crawdaddy stones in orbit' blow-out...theres still million'n one combos round th'planet who're tryin' to perfect this racket not knowin' its been formed'n patented by this leather jacket gang from th'back alleys o' yesteryear...

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