...plenty o'tape hiss'n general buzz'n fuzz make this a proper fine listen, just like th'germs should sound, crawlin' from th'tar pit o' sleazy rocknroll with th'amps hummin', feedback'n leakage spillin' out just like th'stooges at th'funhouse...a fine testament to their one'n only long play waxin' this is most o' that album unmixed so th'germs natural adherence to gettin' th'job done with no regard to bourgeois standards o'cleanly presented safe rock, th'germs were antithesis to FM staduim disco rock, they were th'underground continuin' on from where godz/(early)blue cheer/stooges/destroy all monsters left off, underground swill that has its time in th'sun, burns brightly then fades away to take its place in th'pantheon o'garage/basement rockin' always with this type o' beer soaked/needle damaged bootleg trash its recommended unreservedly, a must for all layabouts everywhere...

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