bob dylan

...cats who're hep to bobs wild mercury years when he was testin' th' limits o' human endurance with regard to all things NOW will know that his interviews durin' that period were as good as th'electric noise he was puttin' down on disk'n gig...before th'advent o' these times bobs interviews were somewhat clunky affairs all round with th' squares not knowin' what to ask th' poet 'n'spokesman for a generation' 'n dylan bein' reticent'n not bother'd...if he got involved with a Q&A sesh with someone a bit more hep'n clued in like with studs terkel he'd open up'n be somewhat real givin' a more linear answer(with th'right amount o' myth buildin'), but usually he had to deal with th' L7's so he'd just mumble something 'n leave it at th'time these interviews were taped dylan was really firin' on all cylinders with th'narcotic intake reachin' goodly proportions which in turn gave him th' impetus to have some fun with th'journos 'n give sarcastic/surreal/truthful replies makin' these a great earful 'n th'one thing that dont usually happ'n with these sorta disks, they can be played more than' groovy boss addition to this full speed period that hasten'd th'oncomin' o' hippy 'n th'changes in th' times...

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