h p lovecraft

...electric folk rock as it should be over 4 decades away 'n nothin' has ever came close to the sound o' these platters, such is th'rarified,but easily accessible groove...once heard this windy city quintet is hard to forget' th' way they blend th' voices'n instruments to create th'totally hep lovecraft vibe...a wonderfully freaky hippy prank in namin' themselves after th'horror writer, who if still alive would have found himself bein' read by more than a few hippys(some one once said at least 7 or 8 cats had ventured past th'covers o' one or two o' his novels) th'hp's continued th' blues journey o' many a home town cat, chicago bein' th'restin' point for mid twentieth century blues as it travelled across land'n time, cross fertilizin' with country'n rock'nroll'n folk...there is no blues(sound or style) as such in th'lovecraft noise, but th'sense o' purpose th' blues has, a sense o' value is ever present, th'wanderin' odyssey which is th' blues changed course somewhat in th'60s, it mutated in fresh hands with th'mind playin' a greater part, th' body bein' relegated to secondary consideration, th'soul journeyin' to wondrous heights through th' openin' o' channels with aid from LSD/marijuana use...wax#1 is more or less 60's folk(rock) with plugged in strings to give it th'necessary rock punch,'n platter #2 is psychedelic, awash in acid damaged stereo tricks but not just for th' sake o' freakyness,this is th'sound o' reachin' to th' heavens, openin' th'doors to inner vistas, lettin' loose with a panorama o' calm mystic'room fillin' production more than adds to th'overall unique sound o' this great summer o' love combo...second disk has an early single bolted on th' end 'n serves as a reminder o' how far they came in just one year...after these biscuits everythin' fell apart'n they became a different band, still good but nowhere in th' same league, th'present excursion o' discovery was over for them, some others would have to continue th' search for freedom, both inner'n outer ...

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