...suburban rockin' kids from th'desolate years in th'seventies just before 'punk broke' had local heroes in th'more hep locales 'round th'wild planet'n in boston mass. these cats were something to dig to th'upmost with their amped high power garage riffin'n rollin'...they'd been puttin' on crazed rockin' shows for a while'n put out an ep on th'fledglin' bomp label'n taped a few demos when in '78 they signed'n released for sire records this long played wax...somehow it got slated in th'fanzines o' th'day as too commercial, th'sound was too clean for underground taste'n it promptly fell into th'cut-out bins along with many other sire longshots/no hopers includin' overstock from th'ramones(good news o'course for th'busto crusto heads who really did have some bargins thrown their way durin' th'seventies)...some o'th'animosity towards this disk would be th'fact thats its produced by flo'n eddie who were losin'/had lost currency within hep circles with their dulled humour'n lame tunes...includin' Hi-N-R-Gee covers o' sonics/wailers/troggs'n easily as good originals penned by head honcho mono mann this just sounds like a flat out wig spinner in this day'n age, whether its too clean or got congealed turtle-goo on it dont make no nevermind...with aerosmith becomin' more'n more corporate'n drug dependent squares a lotta cats had seen DMZ as th'new boss town cool kings but this all faded away after this release'n mono took up th'lyre...78 had a lotta possibilties for many'n now its time to dig some cats on th'brink o' breakout, but th'journey from clubs to th'outside world proved to long'n arduous for these garage cats...

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